Our food system covers everything from growing, harvesting, processing, distributing, access and food waste. See some resources under each area of our food system: let us know if you have something to add!

Growing & Harvesting

City of Grand Rapids Urban Agriculture Committee

The City of Grand Rapids Urban Agriculture Committee educates the public about the benefits of urban agriculture in Grand Rapids. They offer our knowledge to policymakers on urban agriculture and city efforts to promote health, nutrition, food production, food access, and agricultural economics. Meetings are held bi-monthly and are open to the public.

Kent County Agricultural Land Preservation Board

The County holds an Agricultural Land Preservation Board to coordinate the Kent County Purchase Development Rights program. Meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.

Migrant Legal Aid

Migrant Legal Aid is a nonprofit organization that has advocated for migrant workers’ rights since 1973.


Processing & Distributing

Michigan Food Hub Learning and Innovation Network

The Michigan Food Hub Learning and Innovation Network provides development and leadership expertise for Michigan businesses that facilitate the aggregation, storage, processing, distribution, and/or marketing of local and regional food products.

West Michigan Works! Agribusiness Talent Council

The Agribusiness Talent Council is an employer-led collaborative that seeks to expand the talent pool by promoting career pathways and opportunities in West Michigan’s agribusiness industry.

Fruit Bowl


Kent County Community Food Survey 2019

The Kent County Community Food Survey 2019 gathers community members’ input about food access, food consumption, and existing and potential new food resources.

Interactive Farmer’s Market Map

Use the Michigan Farmer’s Market Association’s interactive map to explore all of the farmers markets throughout Michigan and find the one nearest you.

Local First

Local First leads the development of an economy grounded in local ownership that meets the basic needs of people, builds local wealth and social capital, functions in harmony with our ecosystem, and encourages a joyful community.

Food and Nutrition Coalition, Essential Needs Task Force

ENTF’s Food and Nutrition Coalition works to ensure that all Kent County residents are food secure and have access to food that is nutritionally diverse. The ENTF Food and Nutrition Committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 8:30-10:00. These meetings are open to anyone who seeks to participate in this conversation.

10 Cents a Meal

10 Cents A Meal for Michigan's Kids & Farms is a state program that provides schools and early childhood education centers with up to 10 cents per meal in match funding to purchase and serve Michigan-grown fruits, vegetables, and legumes.


Food Waste

Hierachy to Reduce Food Waste and Build Community

Check out the Institute for Local Self Reliance’s Hierarchy to Reduce Food Waste and Build Community.

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